Yanagita Hits for Cycle

Cycles are not common in Japan. In a 5 for 5 performance Yuki Yanagita was the first player to hit for the cycle in the NPB since July 30, 2016 when ex-major leaguer Kosuke Fukudomo accomplished the feat. It was the first cycle by a Pacific League player since 2007 (Julio Zuleta). Yuki hit a homerun in the first inning, singled in the fourth, doubled in the fifth and achieved the hardest hit with a triple in the eighth. Yanagita drove in four runs in the Softbank Hawks 10-0 win over the Nippon Ham Fighters.

Yanagita could probably start in the outfield for any team in the major leagues. In 2015 he hit 34 homeruns with 32 stolen bases with a .363 average. As a result of those numbers he was voted the Most Valuable Player in the Pacific League. As he has gotten older his steals have gone down but his power still exists with 31 homers last year. It is probably too late in his career for him to make an impact in the major leagues since he turns 30 in October of this year. If he is going to make a break it will have to be next year.

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