College World Series Results Bracket One

The final eight have gone to Omaha to play in the college World Series. It is two brackets of double elimination with the two winners of the double elimination brackets identifying the finalists in a best two out of three championship match. The first day of the series saw the temperatures go above 90 degrees. The temperature for the team occupying the sunny side of the dugout is 110 degrees.

Bracket One

North Carolina 8 Oregon State 6

Oregon State ace Luke Heimlich had his worst outing in these college world series, giving up six runs in just over two innings. A five run third inning gave the Tar Heels a 6-1 lead. Ben Casparius led the team with three RBIs on his two hits. North Carolina used six pitchers to pull out the victory, their opening day starter removing himself after complaining of a dead arm. All 11 of the North Carolina hits were singles. The Beavers outhit the Tar Heels 13-11.

Mississippi State 1 Washington 0

Baseball can be a game of threes, outs, strikeouts, innings and lineups in multiples of threes. Mississippi State has embraced the threes. Ethan Small pitched seven shutout innings for Mississippi State and Joe Demers matched him for seven shutout innings for the Huskies. The game eventually went to the bullpens and Mississippi State chalked up their third walk off hit of the Series and the third walk off hit of the season for Luke Alexander to win their opener 1-0. It was also the third hit of the inning and the third hit by Luke Alexander in the game to give Mississippi State a 1-0 win and their seventh walk off win of the season. They also had to change coaches after the third game of the season. It has been a remarkable season for the Bulldogs.

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