How Cool is That?

In the bottom of the fifth Mark Trumbo crushed a pitch into deep left field. A fan with a glove reached over the row of seats in front of him, tried to catch it, but the ball hit off the heel of his glove and bounced five rows in front of him. A fan grabbed the ball and without a second thought threw it back to the fan who had dropped it. His son standing next to him probably said something like “Dad, why did you throw him the ball back. Now we’ll never get a ball.” His response would be “Karma always comes back to reward you when you do the right thing.”

Two batters later Trey Mancini hits a ball deep to left field. This time it was caught by a fan. With his bare hands. That fan was the one who had tossed the Trumbo homerun ball back to the other fan who had missed it with his glove. He got a number of high fives, even from the fan with the glove.

What would have been cooler if the fan with the glove had caught the second homerun and given the first ball he missed back to the fan who had returned it to him. Both of them had young kids with them at the game.

Either way, it was a pretty cool event. It would not surprise me if it is all over ESPN right now.

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