Monkeys to Post Wang Po-Jung

The La Miga Monkeys will post Wang Po-Jung to allow major league and NPB teams to bid on him. At 25 years of age he is still young enough to make an impact. As a rookie in 2016 he became the first CPBL player to collect 200 hits, hitting .414 with 29 homeruns and while driving in 105 RBIs. In 2017 he hit .407 with 31 homeruns and 101 RBIs, becoming the second player in CPBL history to win the Triple Crown. The 2017 season also saw him walk more (76) than he struck out (44).

The 2018 season saw his homerun numbers (17) and batting average (.351) drop, resulting in less production (84 RBIs). Perhaps he is getting bored with the competition, or the pitchers are pitching around him. Perhaps his numbers have dropped because pitchers are no longer throwing him strikes. Whatever the reason, it was not the best time to have a drop in production.

Myworld would not be surprised to see a major league team post for him, but it is the Japanese clubs that have been scouting him extensively.

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