Orioles Still Working with that Confederate Money

When Syd Thrift was the general manager of the Orioles back in the early 2000s he had trouble signing free agents. He made the comment that these free agents were treating their offers “like we have Confederate money, it’s no good.” It was probably their futility in winning ball games that scared free agents away from Baltimore.

Cuban free agents are treating the Orioles international dollars as Confederate money now that Baltimore has chosen to compete in the international market. The Mesa brothers did not sign with them. And now Sandy Gaston a pitcher with a good fastball is another player who ignored the dollars the Orioles put in front of him, instead signing with the Rays for an estimated $2 million.

The Orioles now have an estimated $6 million in international cap money but there are no players out there for them to sign. All the top international players have already signed shortly after the July signing period with other major league teams. They had negotiated and agreed to many of those contracts prior to the Orioles even considering entering the international market place. In other words, the Orioles got into the market too late. They were hoping the six million would be enough to sign the Mesa brothers. It was not.

There is still Wang Po-Jung, the Taiwan superstar outfielder who is being posted by his team. The Orioles would be competing with the Japanese teams in addition to the major league teams for his service. And paying more than $2 million for him probably would not be wise. It’s not like the Orioles would be spending money given to them. It is still there money to spend that can be used elsewhere. But it is a market advantage that they will lose if they do not spend it.

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