Monkeys Demolish Uni-Lions in Taiwan Series Opener

The LaMigo Monkeys scored 10 runs in the second inning to fuel their 15-6 win over the Uni Lions in the opener of the Taiwan Series. The Monkeys collected 20 hits, four of them homeruns. Wang Po-Jung, who the Monkeys have indicated will be posted after the season hit one of the four homeruns. Because the Monkeys were winners of both halves they came into this series with a 1-0 lead over the Uni-Lions. With the win their lead is now extended to 2-0.

The two foreign starters did not last long for these games. Ryan Verdugo pitched just 1.1 innings before being pulled in the 10 run second inning. Bruce Kern lasted a little longer, working four innings but giving up three runs.

Liu Shih-Hao slugged a grand slam in the 10 run second. Lan Yin-Lun followed the grand slam with a solo homerun to make it back to back.

There were a little over 15,000 in attendance at the game yesterday.

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