Whatever Happened to….

Melissa Mayeux? Back in 2015 she was a French baseball player that was signed to the international major league baseball prospect list. That meant any major league team could sign her to develop her baseball skills. They didn’t. Three years have passed. Now she is a 20 year old playing softball for the Miami Dade College team. She still plays shortstop.

Evidently she can hit the ball. Last year she batted .375 with 8 homeruns, including three homeruns in one game during her freshman season. She is now in her sophomore season. She still has the dream of possibly playing major league baseball. If the major leagues do not want her she could return to France and play in the French league. Or she could continue making her mark playing softball in international competitions for France.

The Miami Dade baseball team chose not to pick her up. Their loss.

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