Burkina Faso and Nigeria advance to the Africa Cup

Burkina Faso proved to be the more dominant team in the preliminary Zone West pre-Qualifier to see who would advance to South Africa for the Africa’s Cup. Burkina Faso out scored Nigeria in the opener 13-3. They then beat the hosts Ghana 14-4.

Nigeria was also able to advance with a 7-6 win over Ghana. They scored the winning run courtesy of two Ghana errors in the seventh inning. Ghana made eight errors in the game.

Two other regional matches will be played, the first in Zone East, which will be April 5-7 between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in Nairobi, Kenya. The second will be in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 27-29 between South Africa, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

The top two teams from each zone will play the Africa Regional in Johannesburg May 1-5. The winner will then go to Europe (Parma and Bologna, Italy) to play in the Europe/Africa Qualifier September 18-22. The winner of that will qualify for the Olympics to be played in Tokyo in 2020. The runner up will go to Taiwan to play in a final qualifier in early 2020.

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