MLB Opens Office in India

The two Indian players who won the million dollar arm contest are now retired from baseball. One went back to India and the other stayed in the United States to become a wrestler once their baseball careers ended. But that has not deterred major league baseball from opening an office in India to help promote the sport there.

There is some thought of putting together another million dollar arm contest this fall from September to November. They expect thousands to participate based on the success of 2014 contest that resulted in a movie and enriched the lives of the two contestants that won the contest.

Major league baseball also hopes to introduce baseball in many of the primary schools, similar to what they are doing in China in an attempt to introduce kids to the sport at a young age. India On Track (IOT), which is India’s leading sports management, marketing and development company is partnering with major league baseball to promote the sport.

Time will tell whether their efforts will have any success.

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