Bernadina Released by Monkeys

In Taiwan the four professional teams are allowed three foreign players on their roster. For the most part those three foreign players are pitchers. This year, two of the four teams signed a position player to help with the offense. That trend has not lasted long with the release of the last position player Roger Bernadina. The LaMigo Monkeys replaced him with pitcher Mathew Grimes.

Eric Wood was signed by the Chinatrust Brothers. He lasted only a week after having issues with the manager. An 0 for 9 start did not help matters. The Brothers quickly replaced him with slugger Alex Liddi, but if you are going to be a position player you have to put up numbers that are better than the average Taiwan hitter. Alex didn’t with a .243 batting average and .487 slugging percentage, below average numbers in the CPBL. The Brothers now have three foreign pitchers on their roster.

Now Bernadina has been released after hitting just .256 with a .378 slugging percentage. Those are not even close to the numbers he was producing in the Korean League (KBO). Grimes gives them three foreign pitchers on their roster. Myworld would like to see the CPBL change the rules to a model similar to Korea, where the teams can have three foreign players, but one of them must be a position player. It would force the league to develop more local pitchers rather than relying on 60 percent of your rotation being foreign players.

The Monkeys have won the CPBL in four of the last five seasons, but the corporation is finding that supporting a professional team is financially draining. According to the LaMigo Monkeys are putting the team up for sale. The other three teams and the new expansion team have much more financial backing than LaMigo. Below are the networths of the CPBL teams as put together by

Fubon Guardians - Fubon Financial Holdings ($250 billion)
Chinatrust Brothers - CTBC Financial Holdings ($190 billion)
Uni-Lions - Uni-President Enterprises Corporation ($13 billion)
Wei Chuan Dragons - Ting Hsin International Group ($9 billion)
LaMigo Monkeys - La New Corporation ($28 million)

A potential buyer of the Monkeys could be the Shin Kong Group, which has been providing advertisement for Monkey games and has expressed an interest in getting involved in baseball. They are another financial holding group.

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