Mexican Prospect Signing and the Finer Print

It appears the signing of prospects from Mexico to major league teams has not been resolved. The Mexican League and major league baseball had a deal in place that would compensate Mexican League teams 35 percent of the bonus amount paid to the Mexican prospect. But as the lawyers have gotten involved the payment of that 35 percent may never happen if one reads the fine print.

According to the agreement as reported by baseballmexico.blogspot that 35 percent paid out by major league baseball to the Mexican team that owns the players rights only needs to be paid if 1) the player is 16 years old, 2) has lived at least two years in Mexico and 3) has one year experience in the Mexican League.

The first two criteria are easy to meet. The third criteria is a bit harder. Prospects that major league baseball have interest in signing usually do not meet the third criteria. Because of their younger age they are normally playing in developmental leagues and are not on the Mexican League teams rosters to be eligible to play in the Mexican League. So major league baseball would be under no obligation to compensate Mexican League teams for those prospects.

Myworld is not sure how many prospects from Mexico have signed contracts after the agreement was put in place. To resolve the issue Mexican League teams could put prospects on their Mexican League rosters for one year, but that would delay their signing with major league teams by one year. Parents might not be happy to wait that long for a big contract.

Myworld predicts another slow down in the signing of prospects from Mexico. Before the agreement had been signed major league baseball had prevented their teams from signing players from Mexico under contracts by Mexican League teams for almost a year. Major league teams were paying the Mexican League teams the bonus negotiated for the players and that player only received a small portion of that contract. Major league baseball teams only had to report the portion paid to the player in their international bonus payment cap.

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