KBO All stars

Offense is down in the KBO because of a switch to a slightly larger ball. The SK Wyverns are in first place at this point, six games ahead of the Doosan Bears. The team with the largest salary in the KBO, the Lotte Giants are in last place, eleven games behind the last wild card spot. The All Star teams are broken into Divisions named the Dream Team and the Nanum team with the players in bold the starters. The Dream team may have the advantage since they have All Stars from the Bears and Wyverns, the top two teams in the KBO. Below are the All Stars from each team.

Dream Team

Pitchers - Kim Kwang-Hyun (Wyverns/2.66 ERA), Kim Tae-Hoon (Wyverns/3.43 ERA), Ha Jae-Hoon (Wyverns/1.13 ERA), Raul Alcantara (Wiz/4.02), Rhee Dae-Eun (Wiz/4.37), Jung Sung-Gon (Wiz/4.46), Josh Lindblom (Bears/2.02 ERA), Lee Young-Ha (Bears/3.92 ERA), Jang Shi-Hwan (Giants/5.57 ERA)

Catchers - Kang Min-Ho (Lions/.223 ave., 11 HRS), Na Jong-Deok (Giants/.162 average), Park Se-Hyuk (Bears/.268),

Infielders - Jamie Romak 1B (Wyverns/.272 ave., 20 HRS), Kim Sang-Soo 2B (Lions/.288 ave., 5 HRA), Choi Jeong 3B (Wyverns/.291 ave., 20 HRs), Kim Jae-Ho SS (Bears/.298 ave., 2 HRS), Ryu Ji-Hyuk (Bears/.246 ave), Lee Hak-Ju (Lions/.273 ave., 6 HRS)

Outfielders - Koo Ja-Wook (Lions/.282 ave. 11 HRS), Ko Jong-Wook (Wyverns/.331 ave, 2 HRs), Kang Baek-Ho (Wiz/.339 ave., 8 HRs), Kim Kang-Min (Wyverns/.282 ave., 5 HRS), Min Byung-Heon (Giants/.337 ave., 5 HRS)

Designated Hitter - Jose Miguel Fernandez (Bears/.338 ave., 12 HRs)

Nanum Team

Pitchers - Tyler Wilson (Twins/2.55 ERA), Jung Woo-Young (Twins/2.81 ERA), Ko Woo-Seok (Twins/1.62 ERA), Kim Kang-Soo (Heroes/2.80 ERA), Eric Jokisch (Heroes/3.09), Moon Kyung-Chan (Tigers/1.57 ERA), Ha Joon-Young (Tigers/4.11), Drew Rucinski (Dinos/2.58 ERA), Won Jong-Hyun (Dinos/3.20 ERA)

Catchers - Yang Eui-Ji (Dinos/.356 ave., 13 HRs), Choi Jae-Hoon (Eagles/.295 average), Yoo Kang-Nam (Twins/.266 ave., 10 HRs)

Infielders - Park Byung-Ho 1B (Heroes/.277 ave., 17 HRs), Park Min-Woo 2B (Dinos/.336 average), Kim Min-Sung 3B(Twins/.251 ave., 4 HRs), Kim Ha-Sung SS (Heroes/.316 ave., 14 HRs), Jung Eun-Won (Eagles/.283 ave., 5 HRs), Park Chan-Ho (Tigers/.290 average)

Outfielders - Kim Hyun-Soo (Twins/.307 ave., 5 HRs), Lee Cheon-Woong (Twins/.311 average), Lee Jung-Hoo (Heroes/.329 ave., 5 HRs), Jerry Sands (Heroes/.319 ave., 18 HRs), Jared Hoying (Eagles/.295 ave., 15 HRs)

Designated Hitter - Lee Hyung-Jong (Twins/.280 ave., 8 HRs)

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