Japan Wins Last Two to Defeat the United States

The United States college national team had a 2-1 game advantage against Japan. They had not beaten Japan in a series in Japan in the last 15 series. Could have been a let down since these were the final two games of their schedule, but Japan clubbed the United States in the last two games 9-1 and 6-1. The United States still holds the overall edge in the series 24-19, but their record in Japan is 3-18.

Japan slugged four homeruns in the third through sixth innings in the 9-1 win, Yuya Gunji going deep twice with two solo blasts. Shugo Maki had a big two run single in the third to get the Japan offense going and added a solo shot in the fifth to finish the game with three RBIs. Takashi Hayakawa shut out the United States team for the first four innings. Logan Allen gave up six runs in his three innings.

In the 6-1 loss Masato Morishita shut out the United States team for five innings. Takashi Umino, who hit a solo homerun in the previous game smacked a two run double in the three run fourth to put the game out of reach for Japan.

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