Carter Threatening Homerun Record in Mexican League

The balls are not just flying in the major leagues and AAA. They are also flying in the Mexican league. And the commissioner has admitted it, saying that he switched from the Rawlings baseball to the Franklin baseball in order to increase homeruns. After all, it is not just “chicks who dig the long ball” but fans in general. Unfortunately he did not expect the onslaught that is happening in the Mexican League. Homeruns have gone up from 1.8 per game to 2.7.

As a result of that Chris Carter is threatening the homerun record in the Mexican League held by Jack Pierce in 1985 when he hit 54 playing for the Bravos de Leon. Many may remember Chris Carter as the all or nothing strikeout/homerun hitter in the major leagues. He tied for the league lead in homeruns with 41 in 2016 and then was released by the Brewers because they did not want to pay him $8 million in arbitration. Instead they went with Marcus Thames and Jesus Aguilar.

Carter signed later with the Yankees and when he hit below his .217 career major league average (.201) they sent him back down to the minors, never to return to the major leagues. The problem with Carter is that while he hit homeruns he also led the league in strikeouts twice, with 212 in 2013 and 206 in 2016. The baseball analytics people did not like his overall production, despite the number of balls leaving the park.

The Acereros de Monclava signed him to play in the Mexican League for the 2019 season, paying him about $30,000 per month. He seems to be enjoying himself there, with 43 homeruns, 11 short of the Mexican League record. Not only is he hitting homeruns but his batting average is pretty impressive as well (.301) 100 points higher than what it was after he was released by the Yankees.

Scouts say you can pitch to Carter to retire him pretty easily. Pitchers in the Mexican League do not have the command of their pitches to hit that spot that is a virtual swing and miss in every at bat for Carter. So he thrives in the thin air of high altitude, juiced baseballs and AAA pitchers.

Alonzo Harris is right behind Chris Carter in homeruns. He has 37. Alonzo also has 41 stolen bases. With three more homeruns he will become the first ever 40/40 player in the Mexican League.

You also have Felix Pie, who is hitting .399. Willie May Aikens hit .484 in 1986 so Felix has a ways to go to catch Aikens.

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