Little League World Series - United States Qualifiers

The Little League World Series begins tomorrow. Last week we reviewed the international participants. Today myworld will review the United States participants and Canada.

Great Lakes - Bowling Green East had a convincing 15-6 win over a team from Illinois. This will be the third trip for Bowling Green in the last five years.

Mid Atlantic - Elmora Youth from Elizabeth, New Jersey had a revengeful 19-4 win over a New York team that had beat them earlier in pool play.

Mid West - Coon Rapids Andover won 8-6 over a team from Iowa. They had also lost to Iowa earlier in the tournament.

New England - Barrington, Rhode Island beat a team from New Hampshire 6-4 to advance. This was another revenge win as New Hampshire had beaten Rhode Island earlier. This is the fifth time in six years a team from Rhode Island is representing New England.

Northwest Region - Sprague, Salem Oregon beat a team from Idaho 5-4 to advance.

Southeast Region - Loudoun South from South Riding, Virginia defeated a team from Georgia 12-2 to advance. It is the first time in 25 years a team from Virginia qualifies for the Little League World Series.

Southwest Region - Eastbank from River Ridge, Louisiana defeated Texas West 6-2 to advance to the Little League World Series. This is their fifth straight Southwest Region title.

West Region - Central East Maui Wailuku, Hawaii defeated a team from Arizona 4-1 to advance.

Canada - Coquitlam in British Columbia defeated a team from Quebec 6-3 to advance. British Colombia had been spanked by Quebec earlier in pool play. The last time a team from Cogquitlam made it to the Little League World Series was in 1984.

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