Brothers Win Second Half in CPBL

The Chinatrust Brothers won the second half of the China Professional Baseball League and will likely face the LaMiga Monkeys, who won the first half. Last year the Monkeys won both halves and played the winner of a playoff. The Monkeys have won the last two CPBL championships, beating the Brothers in 2017. They have recently been purchased by Rakuten and will have a new name in 2020. The season still as a week left and there is a chance the Fubon Guardians could win the overall best record.

The Brothers last won a championship in 2010 when they were called the Brother Elephants. They would like to give a nice send off to 41 year old Peng Cheng-min, who played 19 seasons for the Brothers. He finished his CPBL career as the second player to reach 2000 hits.

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