Taiwan Roster for Premier 12

Taiwan has some ex-major leaguers on their roster, or players who played in the minor leagues. C.C. Lee could be their closer. Taiwan will be hosting one of the three pool plays. Most of the players are playing in the China Professional Baseball League (CPBL). A few are playing in Japan or in the minor leagues in the United States. There is one player considered an amateur on the roster.


Chen Yu-Hsun (Lamiga Monkeys), Wang Yao-Lin (LaMiga Monkeys), Huang Tzu-Peng (LaMiga Monkeys), Chen Hung-Wen (Fubon Guardians), C.C. Lee (Chinatrust Brothers), Liao Yi-Chung (Chinatrust Brothers), Hu Chih-Wei (Chicago Cubs), Chiang Shao-Ching (Cleveland Indians), Lin Kai-Wei (Arizona Diamondbacks), Chen Kuan-Yu (Chibba Lotte Marines), Sung Chia-Hao (Rakuten Golden Eagles), Chang Yi (Orix Buffaloes), Wu Sheng-Feng (Taiwan Cooperative Bank)


Lin Hung-Yu (LaMiga Monkeys), Kao Yu-Chieh (Chinatrust Brothers), Lin Yu-Le (Uni Lions)


Chen Chun-Hsiu (LaMiga Monkeys), Kuo Yen-Wen (LaMiga Monkeys), Lin Li (LaMiga Monkeys), Wang Wei-Chen (Chnatrust Brothers), Wang Seng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers), Yueh Tung-Hua (Chinatrust Brothers),


Chu Yu-Hsien (LaMiga Monkeys), Lin Che-Hsuan (Fubon Guardians), Hu Chin-Lung (Fubon Guardians), Chan Tzu-Hsien (Chinatrust Brothers), Su Chih-Chieh (Uni Lions), Wang Po-Jung (Nippon Ham Fighters

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