Taiwan End of Season All Star Team

The CPBL announced their end of season All Star team. They also announced the Gold Glove winners at each position. The Lamigo Monkeys dominate the All Star team while the Chinatrust Brothers dominate the All Star team. Only Su Chih-Chieh of the Uni-Lions made both teams. Below are the names of those players.

Pitcher - Mike Loree (Fubon Guardians)

Catcher - Lin Hung-Yu (Lamigo Monkeys)

First Base - Chen Chun-Hsui (Lamigo Monkeys)

Second Base - Kuo Yen-Wen (Lamigo Monkeys)

Third Base - Lin Li (Lamigo Monkeys)

Shortstop - Lin Cheng-Fei (Lamigo Monkeys)

Outfield - Chan Tzu-Hsien (Chinatrust Brothers), Su Chih-Chieh (Uni-Lions), Lan Yin-Lun (Lamigo Monkeys)

Designated Hitter - Hu Chin-Lung (Fubon Guardians)

Gold Glove Winners

Pitcher - Cheng Kai-Wen (Chinatrust Brothers)

Catcher - Lin Yu-Le (Uni-Lions)

First Base - Chen Chun-Hsiu (Lamigo Monkeys)

Second Base - Wu Tung-Jung (Chinatrust Brothers)

Third Base - Wang Wei-Chen (Chinatrust Brothers)

Shortstop - Wang Seng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers)

Outfield - Lin Che-Hsuan (Fubon Guardians), Su Chih-Chieh (Uni-Lions), Chang Chih-Hao (Chinatrust Brothers)

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