Japan Gold Glove Winners

The NPB announced their gold glove winners for the 2019 season. Only one foreign player was voted on the team. The Swallows and Buffaloes were the only two teams who lacked a player on the team. Nobuhiro Matsuda won his seventh straight gold glove and his eighth for his career. No third baseman has won eight gold glove awards. Jose Lopez was the only foreign player named to the gold glove team. Lopez set the NPB record for consecutive chances without an error (1,632). Below is the list of players.

Pacific League

Pitcher - Kodai Senga (Hawks)
Catcher - Takuya Kai (Hawks)
First Base - Seiichi Uchikawa (Hawks)
Second Base - Hideto Asamora (Eagles)
Third Base - Nobuhiro Matsuda (Hawks)
Shortstop - Sosuke Genda (Lions)
Outfield - Shogo Akiyama (Lions), Haruki Nishikawa (Fighters), Takashi Ogino (Marines)

Central League

Pitcher - Yuki Nishi (Tigers)
Catcher - Ryutera Umeno (Tigers)
First Base - Jose Lppez (Bay Stars)
Second Base - Ryosuke Kikuchi (Carp)
Third Base - Shohei Takahashi (Dragons)
Shortstop - Hayato Sakamoto (Giants)
Outfield - Yoshihiro Maru (Giants), Seiya Suzuki (Carp), Yohei Oshina (Dragons)

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