Tsutsugo Posted by Bay Stars

Let the bidding begin. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo was posted by the Yokohama Bay Stars today. He now has 30 days to negotiate with major league teams, with a release fee given to the Bay Stars depending on the value of the contract.

Tsutsugo is a player that major league teams would want. He has the potential to be a 20 plus homerun hitting outfielder. The park in which he played in was a hitter’s park which may have aided his 30 to 40 plus homerun totals. He also showed a pretty good ability to make contact, though last year he seemed to strikeout at an alarming rate, far more than he has in the past.

His lack of speed will limit him defensively in the outfield. This could restrict him to an American League team where the designated hitter is an option, though after the next collective bargaining agreement is settled the DH could be used in both leagues.

With the posting comes the announcement that Tyler Austin signed with the Yokohama Bay Stars. Don’t be surprised by Tyler hitting 20 plus homeruns each year with the Bay Stars.

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