Baby Shark, Parra Off to Japan

The Yomiuri Giants have signed Gerrado Parra to a contract. You have to wonder if he will bring his baby shark walk up song into the Tokyodome. Don’t know if they have a Japanese version of the song.

The Giants will pay him $2 million for 2020 and have a vesting option for $3 million in 2021. Parra is not the offensive threat many Japanese teams usually seek in a foreign bat. Perhaps they are hoping his locker room presence will have the same effect it had on the Nationals.

It has been some time since the Giants have last won the Japan Series (2012). The last time the Giants had a seven year lag between championships was from 1974-1980 and 1982-1988. They have never gone more than seven years between championships and will do so if they do not win the Japan Series in 2020.

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