Korea Again Posts Kim

For the second time Kwang-hyun Kim is being posted to the major leagues by the SK Wyverns. He was posted in 2014 but Kim and the San Diego Padres could not come to an agreement. At that time Kim had been battling injuries that tainted what teams may have thought about him. He did have Tommy John surgery in 2017 and now has had a couple successful KBO years behind him to build up his resume. He is a bit older, but he is a lefthander and the numbers he is putting up are similar to what he showed during his early years in the KBO, though his hits to innings pitched are much worse.

The 30 year old does throw the fastball in the low 90s so he is not a soft tosser for a left hander. He has a couple of decent breaking pitches, including a fork ball. After he was posted in 2014 his ERAs were at the high end of the 4’s. The last two years he has been below 3, though the balls were a bit different last year and the offensive numbers were down overall in the KBO in 2019. Last year he was 17-6 with a 2.51 ERA but gave up more hits than innings pitched (198/190). Even during the homer happy times of the KBO he has kept the ball in the park.

Myworld thinks he has the stuff to fit in the back end of a rotation. Being lefthanded certainly helps him. His strikeout to walk ratio since his Tommy John surgery has gone from 2 to 1 to 4.5 to 1. His WHIP is comparable to his 2008-2010 seasons when he was considered one of the rising pitchers in the KBO. He won’t by a Hyun-jin Ryu but he should be a decent arm in the rotation or as a lefty reliever out of the pen.

Unlike the last time he was posted Kim can negotiate with all 30 major league teams. Under the last posting system the Padres won the bid and Kim could not agree to a contract with the Padres. The Padres are again interested, but they have to compete with the other 29 teams in negotiating a contract. They Wyverns get a release fee on a percentage of the value of the contract.

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