It was a book written by Ben Reiter. He was a Sports Illustrated writer who predicted the Astros would win the World Series in 2017 in an article written in 2014, when the Astros were in the process of losing 100 games for the fourth straight season. It was a bold prediction at that time but created quite the sensation when it came true in 2017.

The book discusses the history of the Astros rebuilding efforts. There is a chapter in the book “in search of Carlos Beltran”. Beltran was a key acquisition for the Astros in 2017. Why? Because of his veteran presence and his ability to read pitcher’s tendencies with the ability to predict what type of pitch he would throw based on his delivery. There was some discussion how he would look at video replay to identify those tendencies, but no real time review of replay and nothing about banging of trashcans to tell the hitter what pitch would be coming.

In light of the Astros cheating scandal it would be a good read of what the Astros players and management did not tell Reiter as he was preparing to write the book. There was no mention of any program called “Codebreaker”. I guess some things are best left unsaid, until they come out.

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