Foreign Players in CPBL

The CPBL has now gone through 9 to 11 games of their season. The Rakuten Monkeys finally lost their first game, losing to the Uni-Lions 8-7 after winning their first seven. No team other than the Monkeys has a winning record in the CPBL, but it is still early in the season. Motivated by their win the Uni Lions again beat the Monkeys the next day 12-5 to take the series. Yu-Hsien Chu of the Monkeys has started the season hitting .548 with 8 homeruns and 17 RBIs after just 8 games.

Myworld thought we would identify some of the foreign players in the CPBL. As you can see from the list, it is dominated by pitchers. Only three foreign players are allowed on the roster. If teams have more than three the fourth player will play in the minor leagues. The teams won loss record is shown in parenthesis.

Rakuten Monkeys (7-2)

Ryan Carpenter (LHP)
Elih Villanueva (RHP)
Lisalverto Bonilla (RHP)

Fubon Guardians (4-6)

Henry Sosa (RHP)
Bryan Woodall (RHP)
Ryan Bollinger (LHP)
Mike Loree (RHP)

China Trust Brothers (4-6)

Jose de Paula (RHP)
Mitch Lively (RHP)
Ariel Miranda (LHP)
Esmil Rogers (RHP)

Uni-Lions (5-6)

Josh Roenicke (RHP)
Donn Roach (RHP)
Ryan Feierabend (LHP)

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