Mexican League Hoping to Start in July

The Mexican League is hoping to start their season in July. Since they are considered a AAA team that could bring hope to the minor leagues that they could start their season also in July. The problem with a July start is the season would run into September, with playoffs following. Mexico also has a winter league and many of the players who play in the summer league also play in the winter league.

With very little to no television revenue it would not be feasible for the league to play their games with no fans so a lot will depend on the status of the corona virus and the social distancing requirements. Even if they were allowed to have large crowds would the people come to sit in seats where touching the person next to you is quite common.

One player looking at playing in the Mexican League is Adrian Gonzalez. Mexico is one of four countries that have qualified for the Olympics. If Adrian feels he can contribute to Team Mexico he could have interest in extending his playing career. He has not played professionally since June of 2018. Gonzalez was born in San Diego but his parents are from Mexico, making him eligible to participate for Mexico in the Olympics. Gonzalez has played for Mexico in World Baseball Classics in 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2017.

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