Dominican Dream Team

Yesterday myworld put together the Puerto Rican Dream team. For this post we will put together the Dominican Republic Dream team. To qualify for this Dream Team the player must be born in the Dominican Republic and have played in the major leagues. Myworld used Baseball Reference as the birth identifier and used the stats from them to come up with the team. Below is the Dominican Republic Dream Team roster.

Starting Lineup

Robinson Cano 2B
Albert Pujols 1B
Sammy Sosa RF
Manny Ramirez LF
David Ortiz DH
Vladimir Guerrero CF
Adrian Beltre 3B
Miguel Tejeda SS
Tony Pena C


Gary Sanchez (C), Alfonso Soriano (2B/SS), Hanley Ramirez (SS/3B), Tony Fernandez (INF), Jose Bautista (3B/OF), Nelson Cruz (OF)

Starting Pitchers

Juan Marichal, Pedro Martinez, Bartolo Colon, Jose Rijo and Johnny Cueto

Relief Pitchers

Fernando Rodney, Francisco Cordero, Jose Mesa, Armando Benitez, Jose Valverde, Rafael Soriano

The lineup does not have a true centerfielder, so the defense could be hurt a little bit. Behind the plate you could go with Gary Sanchez if you wanted more offense than defense. It is a pretty formidable lineup with immense power potential. You could spread 2-8 any which way and still score lots of runs.

The starting pitching has two Hall of Famers. It gets rather ordinary after that. The bullpen is a closer by committee because any one of the six pitchers can act as closer.

The bench could use another outfielder but they were not as prevalent. Raul Mondesi would have been my selection, but when it came to WAR he was quite a bit down the list. We felt bad about leaving out Edwin Encarnacion, but with Pujols and Ortiz in the lineup he seemed redundant. If you wanted a true back up third baseman you could add Aramis Ramirez to the team but you would have to find someone for him to replace.

Next we’ll do one of the United States Dream Teams. Since there are so many players born in the United States myworld will break them out by the state they were born in. The next players will be a dream team of those players born in California.

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