Summer Koshien Cancelled for Japan

It is perhaps the largest and most prestigious tournament in Japan. They have a spring Koshien, but the summer Koshien is where legends are formed. Especially the pitching legends, who pitched daily, often tossing more than 150 pitches each game to advance their team to victory.

In 1933 Masao Yoshida tossed a 25 inning shutout in a semi-final win, throwing 336 pitches in that game. That will be a record that will never be broken, now that innings limits are being taken more seriously by high school coaches. Daisuke Matsuzaka almost matched that with his 17 inning 250 pitch performance in 1998. Matsuzaka also threw a no hitter in the finals, so the pitch count did not seem to impact his effectiveness.

A high school team from Taiwan qualified for Koshien and made it to the finals in 1933. A movie, Kano was made about their accomplishments.

The tournament was not played in 1918 because of rice riots. It was also not held from 1941 to 1945 because of World War II. Now add 2020 to the list because of the corona virus pandemic.

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