Czech League Starts Today

The first European League will begin today. The league normally begins in April but because of the corona virus the league was postponed until May 22. Ten teams will play a round robin format and I’m assuming after that a playoff will happen.

The European Leagues normally allow foreign players. Because of the corona virus concerns, the only foreign players that will be allowed to play this year have to have been a permanent resident of the Czech Republic. This will provide an opportunity to many young Czechs who may have been forced to play in a lower league to accommodate foreign players.

The Arrows Ostrava will be trying for their third straight championship. Other teams in the league are Olympia Blansko, Techniko Brno, Eagles Braha, SaBat Praha, Draci Brno, Kotlanka Braha, Tempo Braha, Cardion Hrosi Brno and Nuclears Trebic.

You can go to a Youtube channel, query Baseball International and they give a nice run down of the teams in the Czech Republic.

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