Taiwan Balls Juiced

The corona virus did not stop the CPBL from playing ball, but last week rains prevented the games from being played. Without baseball being played it allowed minds to wander. And just like the major leagues the experts began complaining about juiced baseballs. And just like the major leagues the CPBL has stated the balls provided by the manufacturer meet their specifications.

The CPBL has a coefficient of restitution (COR) range of between 0.540 to 0.580. Two tests have shown the 2020 balls had COR values of 0.574 to 0.571. In the past three seasons the balls measurements have been measured at 0.560 in 2017, 0.562 in 2018 and 0.563 in 2019. That appears to be a pretty significant up tick for those 2020 balls.

Currently the CPBL has averaged 2.75 homeruns per game. In 2017 the average was 2.14, in 2018 1.66 and in 2019 2.06. The CPBL has said they will let the juice out of the balls in the second half of the season and bring the COR down to 0.560.

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