More Basebrawl in Taiwan

The main instigator again seems to be Henry Sosa, who started the first baseball brawl, but Ariel Miranda appears to have ended it. Two fans were also given permanent prohibitions to attend games for some expletives they hurled at a player heading back to the dugout. Ah. Baseball and the fans are back in Taiwan.

It all started after Chang Chih-Hao took Henry Sosa deep. The next time Sosa faced Chang he hit him in the leg. After the inning he did a “so sorry” hat tip to the bench. The first brawl in Taiwan baseball started in April after Henry Sosa hit a Rakuten Monkey player. This time it was a China Trust Brothers player. Next in line could be a Uni Lions player.

Ariel Miranda did not take too kindly to that hit by pitch. Especially after Lin Yi-Chaun hit his solo shot off him, the second homerun Miranda had given up in the inning. The next time Lin came to the plate a pitch went flying past his head. The umpire issued warnings to both benches. Miranda was not deterrred. His next pitch drilled Lin in the knee. The umpire ejected Miranda and benches cleared.

It did not seem as bad as the first benches clearing brawl between the Fubon Guardians and the Rakuten Monkeys. That stadium was empty when the April brawl occurred. This benches clearing incident had 2,000 fans in attendance. Two fans had some unsavory comments about the mother of Chen Hung-Wen as he was walking back to the dugout. Chen was not involved in the incident, but he was wearing a Fubon Guardians uniform. Teammates had to hold him back as he tried going after the fans.

The two fans comments forced the Brothers to prohibit them from attending any future games, the first time in the 31 year history that fans have been permanently prohibited from attending anymore CPBL games. It will be interesting to see how it is enforced, but when only 2,000 fans are in attendance it becomes much easier for their comments to be heard.

The Guardians won the game 7-3. If anyone was interested.

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