Opening in the KBO

There is a job opening in the KBO after Taylor Motter was released by the Kiwoom Heroes. He came relatively cheaply for the Heroes, signing for just $350,000. It was the cheapest signing of the 30 foreign players who signed with KBO clubs. The Heroes soon found out that cheapest is not the best. You get what you pay for.

Though they anticipated Motter to be a defensive player who could play a number of different positions, they were not anticipating an inability to hit. Motter was only hitting .114 with a .200 slugging percentage when he was released. Most pitchers in the league could provide better offense.

Now that there is an opening, many of the released minor league players in the United States can find an opportunity. It does not appear that there will be a minor league season this year. Heck, it does not appear there will be a major league season. A number of professional leagues have opened their season, all without fans, and it is only the major league teams that are complaining about money.

Until June 19 when the NPB will start the KBO will be the best baseball in town.

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