Kang Abandons His KBO Comeback Bid

Kang Jung-Ho has informed the Kiwoom Heroes that he has made his decision that he will not rejoin the team. Since he was posted by the Heroes they owned the rights to him. What appears to be quirky about this whole arrangement is the Kiwoom Heroes (called Nexon when he played for them) still owned the rights to Kang even after he had been gone from the KBO since 2014. This put a severe restriction on his ability to be a free agent in the KBO.

As long as Kiwoom still held his rights he was a prisoner waiting for them to make a decision on what they would do with him. The Nexon Heroes placed him on the voluntarily retired list in 2015. Nexon went bankrupt and sold the team to Kiwoom. If Kiwoom chose to activate him from the voluntarily retired list he would then become a free agent and have the ability to sign with another team. There was really no motivation for Kiwoom to activate him to make him available to another team.

What complicated issues was the KBO suspended Kang for one year for his three drunk driving convictions in Korea. This one year suspension would not come into play until he signed a contract with a KBO team. The longer the Heroes waited to activate him the loner Kang would be required to sit out because of the one year suspension. Something does not seem to be right about this process.

It would not surprise myworld to see Kang become a free agent and possibly try playing in Japan or Taiwan. If there is no interest there he could then choose to retire. When he played in the KBO he was one of their more feared hitters. His last season in the KBO he hit .356 with 40 homeruns and 117 RBIs. Even his first season with the Pirates he showed he could play at the major league level, hitting .287 with 15 homeruns with 58 RBIs.

He could still have some juice in his container if some team outside of Korea had an interest in signing him.

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