KBO to Begin Allowing Fans With Many No Fun Rules

The KBO will begin allowing fans into the stadium. This comes after pressure from some KBO teams complaining about losing money in a fanless environment. No official date has been set for when the fans will be allowed to return, but it will be sometime in early July.

To get the fans back it appears the KBO will have to take some of the fun out of the KBO experience. Fans must wear masks and keep them on throughout the game. They will also have to undergo temperature checks as they enter the stadium, with those reading greater than 37.5 C being turned away from the stadium. They will also have to sit one seat apart from each other, even if they are with a family or part of the same group. Myworld does not have too big an issue with those requirements.

What myworld has a problem with is singalongs, chanting and cheering will be limited. How much so remains unclear. This limitation appears to be associated when those type of activities that are prone to fans making contact. So no high fives, no hugging or clasping arms as you sing for your favorite player. But I’m hoping you can still cheer and sing along without making contact. That is one of the joys of being a KBO fan.

Tickets can only be purchased with credit cards. This allows the team a better opportunity to contact trace. The Box office at stadiums will be closed to limit person to person contact. Buying tickets from scalpers is discouraged. Even though it is illegal it is tough to enforce and it could put fans at a greater risk of infection.

While concession stands will be open fans will be prohibited from eating their food in their seats. While in their seats fans can only drink water or other non-alcoholic beverages. The mass consumption of beer which makes for many of the fans experience will be prohibited. Myworld has heard that beer will be completely prohibited, but there is also wording that says beer can not be consumed while in your seats. This could mean beer could be had if you drink it in the concession areas.

So it appears the new fans will have to be true baseball fans because the rules are taking out many of the fun bonding rituals fans enjoy at a KBO game. Myworld hopes it does not take away from fans having fun while watching the game. Maintain distance, wear your mask, but hopefully you can still cheer for your favorite player.

Myworld wonders what the punishment will be for being too enthusiastic at the ballpark. Ejection from the stadium?

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