Mel Rojas Dominating in KBO

The last player to show such domination in the KBO was a first baseman by the name of Eric Thames. He played for the NC Dinos and won the MVP in 2015, winning the batting championship that year. In 2016 he won the homerun title. He played three years in the KBO, slugging 124 homeruns, but never won the Triple Crown. In 2017, at the age of 30 he took his tools back to the major leagues.

Mel Rojas Jr. is in his fourth season in the KBO. His KBO career began as Eric Thames returned to the major leagues. Mel hit 43 homeruns in 2018, four less than the 47 Thames hit in 2015. The ball was a bit more lively during the years Thames played.

This year Rojas is having a year Eric Thames would envy. If the season ended now he would win the triple crown of hitting, leading the KBO in batting average, homeruns and RBIs. Dae-Ho Lee was the last player to win the Triple Crown in the KBO back in 2010, according to Baseball Reference. As far as myworld has discovered no foreign player has ever won the award.

Rojas has a batting average of .395, leading another foreign player Jose Miguel Fernandez at .372. He also leads the KBO in RBIs with 63, three ahead of Aaron Altherr of the NC Dinos. In the homerun race Mel has a huge lead with 24, seven ahead of Altherr. Rojas has hit three homeruns in his last two games.

It will be interesting to see where Rojas spends his time for the 2021 season.

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