Hawks Have First Player Test Positive

It would happen. Myworld posts about no players in the Asian Leagues having positive tests for corona virus since the leagues have begun play. A day after the post a Hawks player, Yuya Hasegawa, tests positive for the corona virus. Japan has seen an uptick in corona virus cases, which creates a big concern for them with the Olympics scheduled for next year after being postponed from this year.

The Sunday game between the Hawks and Lions will be postponed. It will be the first postponement of Asian League games because of a corona virus positive test. Hasegawa becomes the sixth NPB player to test positive. Five of those players tested positive before the season began and resulted in the delay of the start of the season.

Hasegawa has been playing with their minor league team, but many major leaguers make use of the minor league facilities. He did play 11 games early in the season but was sent down on July 7.

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