A First in the CPBL

It is difficult to find a first in the major leagues. They have been around so long that everything that can be done has happened. The CPBL is only 31 years old. So there are still some firsts that they can record in their record books. And they had a big one yesterday.

Kao Kuo-Hui hit a walk off pinch hit homerun for the Fubon Guardians to give them a 10-6 win over the Rakuten Monkeys last night. According to CBPLstats.com there have been 290 grand slams in the CPBL, but until last night, none of them have been walk offs.

In the second half standings the Guardians are now 6-7, putting them in third place. The Uni Lions have shot up to the top spot with a 9-5 record. Holding the last spot in the standings is the first half winner, the China Trust Brothers at 6-9. It is still early and the Brothers started off slowly last year.

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