Sugano Back for Giants

One of the best pitchers in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) is Tomoyuki Sugano. Based on his performance from last year you would not have thought that. Most pitchers would have been happy with a 11-6, 3.89 season. Not Sugano, who has a career 2.32 ERA and won two Sawamura awards with 15 and 17 win seasons prior to the poor 2019 season.

This year the two time Sawamura award winner is back on his game. He is 8-0 with a 1.31 ERA. It is still early in the season but that is equivalent to the year Masahiro Tanaka had his last year in Japan before leaving for the Yankees in 2014 when he went 24-0, 1.49. Like Tanaka, Sugano is in another league, toying with the NPB hitters as if they were Little Leaguers. Major league hitters might provide more of a challenge.

At 30 years of age it would be surprising to see Sugano bolt for the major leagues. The Giants do not normally post players to the major leagues, especially those players who will help them win a Japan Series. Last year they posted Shun Yamaguchi, but he had a career year with the Giants and they did not anticipate he could replicate his 2019 season. Sugano still has a couple ace like seasons left in him.

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