Without Tatis Not Breaking the Unwritten Rule History May Not Have Been Broken

Major league baseball has many unwritten rules. If they were all written in a rule book it may balloon to the size of “War and Peace.” One of those unwritten rules is never try to run up the score and embarrass your opponent. A subset of that rule is do not swing at a 3-0 pitch when you are comfortably ahead, say by seven runs. Tatis swung at a 3-0 pitch and hit a grand slam homerun in a game the Padres were leading comfortably by seven runs. Machado had a pitch thrown behind him and Tatis got a lecture from his manager about breaking those unwritten rules.

The next day Will Myers followed with a grand slam homerun in a game the Padres would win. Manny Machado would hit a walk off grand slam on Thursday to give the Padres a grand slam in three consecutive games. Yesterday Eric Hosmer made history by hitting a grand slam, making the Padres the first team in major league baseball to hit a grand slam in four consecutive games.

If they hit another grand slam today that would make five consecutive games. If they do not hit a grand slam today then history would not have been broken if Tatis had not broken an unwritten rule. And with that grand slam by Tatis the Padres have raced to a 4 game winning streak.

Perhaps those unwritten rules need to be rewritten. Or revised, if someone can find where they are hidden.

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