Female Fastball Velocities

A 15 year old Canadian pitcher Raine Padgham threw a fastball at 83 miles per hour. This would not seem impressive when you figure men on average throw a fastball at 92-94 miles per hour, with a high of 104. The impressive note about the fastball thrown by Raine is the velocity was said to be tops for a female pitcher. Female baseball is relatively new so there have been pitchers reported to have thrown in the mid-80s but all of those girls were older than 15 and there is nothing on record about their velocity.

Softball is a more popular sport for female athletes. When looking at female baseball players you are looking at a smaller sampling size. At the women’s baseball 2018 World Cup the greatest velocity was thrown by Jade Gortarez of the United States with a speed of 78.25 miles per hour. The second fastest pitch was thrown by Australia’s Brittany Hepburn at 77.24 miles per hour. Canadian Allison Schroder threw the fourth hardest pitch at 74.61 miles per hour. The Guinness World Book of Records lists the fastest velocity for a female baseball pitcher at 69. Since that was dated in 2013 it needs to be updated.

Next year Raine will be 16 and eligible to pitch for the Canadian National team. In baseball the women’s team is ranked second in the world. The fact that she is just 15 years old means she could add some zip to the fastball. The fact that she had never reached in the 80s before could mean it was a faulty reading.

Raine does have some history behind her, becoming the first female player to play on a boys team in the Western Canadian Championships when she was 12. With the girls team she pitched in the championship game and threw a no hitter. Because she was pitching for both the girls and boys teams there was a pitch count on her for the boys team, but she was just as dominant. She wears her hair pink because after she strikes a batter out she wants the boys to know that she is a girl. Her baseball career started at the age of three.

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