Eleven Lotte Marines Hit with Virus

As the Chibba Lotte Marines fight for a playoff spot, they may have to play without a significant number of their starters. Eleven staff members of the Marines, including seven Marine players, tested positive for the COVID-19.

Pitcher Daiki Iwashita tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday. As a result of that positive test, the team did other tests and Takashi Ogino, Ikuhiro Kiyota, Takashi Toritani and Katsuya Kakunaka were some of the players who tested positive. The seven players who tested positive and four players who tested negative who were in close contact with Iwashita will be removed from the roster.

With just 28 games left to play the Marines are just two games back from the Softbank Hawks for first place. They play a three game series against the Hawks this Friday and will have to play that series minus those seven players.

Just last week four Hanshin Tigers tested positive for the corona virus.

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