Australia Loses Two Teams for 2020/2021 Season

Last year the Australian Baseball League added two expansion teams, a team of Korean players named the Geelong-Korea and a team from New Zealand named Tuatara. It appears those two teams will not participate in the 2020/2021 season and the ABL will fall back to the six normal teams.

Geelong-Korea pulled out because of the challenges created by the corona virus, but they hope to participate again next year. Direct flights to Australia were limited and quarantine requirements were daunting for fielding a team this year. They looked at a number of alternatives but the costs were too prohibitive.

Shortly after, the Aukland Tuataras withdrew from the ABL. This appears to be a little more permanent. New Zealand would have the same challenges as Geelong-Korea with flight arrangements and quarantine requirements, but the ABL was disappointed that Aukland did not try to resolve those issues months ago instead of just recently. Australia provided alternatives to reduce the costs but Aukland still balked. Australia now feels that Aukland is in violation of their ABL license agreement and have 28 days to address it.

So now, instead of two four team divisions or pods, it appears the ABL will be one six team division, though that has not been finalized.

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