Blue Sox Release Manny

Manny Ramirez Australian career did not last long. The Sydney Blue Sox had signed Manny to play for the team. An undisclosed injury, which was later reported to be an oblique injury prevented him from starting the season in December. The plan was for him to coach the team but then the corona virus smacked the Australian baseball season.

After playing two early games on December 17 and 18 the Sydney Blue Sox have not played since. Government policy has put a quarantine on the area (New South Wales) and teams are prevented from travelling to or leaving the area where Sydney plays their home games. This put a level of uncertainty to the season, which was used as the reason to release Ramirez.

An announcement is expected soon for when Sydney can restart their season. The Melbourne Aces have played 12 games while most of the other teams have only played four or five games. The corona virus is playing havoc on the schedule makers.

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