Sugano to Play in MLB on his Terms

There were enough major league teams bidding for Yomuiri Giants star pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano that he could have signed with one of them. He was even willing to take less money to play in the major leagues. But none of those major league teams were able to meet his terms. So he returned to Japan to sign for a pretty good four year $40 million contract that will allow him to live comfortably in Japan. And if a major league team wants to sign him next year he will be available. But they need to offer him a contract that he can accept, and a life that he can accept. Otherwise he has the option to go back to Japan and pitch for the Yomiuri Giants.

There is also a bit of turmoil in the major leagues and the United States that does not make it so attractive to live and work here. There is no certainty that there will be a season in 2022. The players and the major leagues have not come to any agreement so there could be a strike impacting any salaries that were negotiated in a contract. Heck. There is some uncertainty about having a 2021 season with the corona virus spreading much more heavily in the United States cities than Japan. There was even an attempted coup attempt that reminds people of what happens in other less settled countries.

So any contract Sugano signed for this year had the potential of being heavily impacted by whether there would be a 2021 or 2022 complete season. Perhaps as the major league season progresses they will get their house in order so that they can attract a player like Sugano, but not under the present chaotic circumstances that exist currently with major league baseball and the United States.

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