Shark is Back with Nationals

The Nationals have signed Gerrado Parra to a minor league contract. Last year he played for the Yomiuri Giants in Japan. He did not have a great year, hitting just .234 with 9 homeruns while playing outfield. Foreign players are expected to provide more production. Parra though is more of a locker room presence that can unify a clubhouse to motivate his teams to perform better.

In the Nationals 2019 season they were dismally under performing. They signed Parra after he was released by a major league team. He provided some entertainment by playing “Baby Shark” as his walk up music. He also had the players do a dance through the dugout each time they hit a homerun. The Nationals went on to win the World Series in one of the more amazing bounce backs in major league history. How much Parra contributed is difficult for analytic experts to quantify.

Parra will earn $1 million if he gets promoted to the major league roster. In his younger days he was a defensive gold glove outfielder who could provide a bit of offense. Those days are gone now. He will be competing for a backup outfielder position. When he was younger he could be used as a defensive replacement for Kyle Schwarber. Andrew Stevenson might be a better player for that role in 2021.

Sentimentally it might be good to hear “Baby Shark” again. Going to the well twice does not always provide the same results.

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