Two Major International Signings

In a couple days major league baseball will have rules in place to protect them from themselves.  With no rules in place they tend to throw money at players like they were beads at a Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans.  There seems to be no concept for cost.

The Dodgers signed Cuban Yasiel Puig to a seven year $42 million contract, more than the Athletics paid to sign Yoenis Cespedes, even though Cespedes is clearly the superior ball player.  Perhaps it is the international ceiling cost that will go into effect July 2 that is artificially driving up the price.  Puig has not played in over a year and reports have him out of shape.  He is young and he hits for power, but he may struggle defensively.  He also lacks speed.  The Dodgers have to hope that his bat translates well for a corner outfield position and they are not forced to move him to first base or trade him to the American League where DH is still an option.

The Red Sox signed shortstop Tzu-Wei Lin to a $2.05 million bonus, the most ever for a Taiwan position player.  He is only 5′8″ and won’t get much taller.  His best tool appears to be his speed.  His defense could ultimately bring him to second base and he won’t hit for a lot of power.  He did win a youth MVP tournament with a .607 average that had players such as Jorge Soler, Bubba Starling, Francisco Lindor and Blake Swihart playing in.  They all got big money so Lin probably deserves the same.

Come July 2, all those big contracts will have to be lowered considerably.  That can’t make too many agents happy, especially those representing Cuban players who have to pay a lot of money up front to get their players out of Cuba.

To read more detail on Puig you can go here: and for Lin you can go here:

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