Uganda Qualifies for Little League World Series (We Hope)

For the second time in two years Uganda won the qualifying tournament to be eligible for the Little League World Series in August.  Last year they could not play in the Little League World Series because they could not provide documentation to confirm their ages.  The team they beat, Saudia Arabia went instead.

The Uganda team beat Kuwait in the finals this year 5-2.  They had beaten them earlier in pool play 8-0.  The only team they lost to was their opening game match against Saudia Arabia 2-1.  After Kuwait beat Saudia Arabia 12-10 the division was thrown into a three way tie with Kuwait, Saudia Arabia and Uganda all with 3-1 records.  Uganda and Kuwait played for the championship because of a tie breaker, with Uganda winning.

So provided Uganda can get their paperwork together they will be the first team from Africa to play in the Little League World Series.  Myworld will be rooting for them.

Other teams to qualify are Curacao, who won in the Caribbean, 10-1 victors over a team from Puerto Rico in the championship game.  Curacao dominated the tournament, with no team coming within seven runs of beating them.

Japan saw Tokyo Kitasuna win their championship against Matsusaka Little League 11-0.  Like Curacao, Kitasuna dominated their opponents, with no team coming within six runs of them.

The South American qualifier had a team from Aguadulce, Panama defeat Venezuela 6-5 to qualify for the Little League World Series.  Two Panama teams finished their pool play undefeated, with Venezuela downing Chitre, Panama 7-4 to prevent the finals from being an all Panama affair.  The World Cup that was played their last year must have motivated some kids in Panama.

Mexico and Europe play their qualifier this weekend.  Canada will play their qualifier August 4 and all the United States qualifiers will be played the beginning of August.

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