Myworld to Panama for World Cup

Myworld will be traveling to Panama tonight after our last day of work.  It is unknown whether we will be able to complete any more roster updates.  There is an 8 hour layover in Houston, so perhaps during that time I can fit a few in, if the airport has internet access.  Once we arrive in Panama it will be to check into the hotel and then travel to the opening day festivities at Rod Carew stadium.  There is also a game that night between Panama and Greece at Rod Carew stadium.  So the next posting may not be until late October 1, which will be the results of the Panama/Greece outing, thoughts on Panama and the opening day festivities.  The last time myworld was in Panama it was a week after the Noriega departure and there were still bullet holes in my hotel room.  I’ve been told that a lot has changed since then.

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