Guatemala Takes Bangor Maine

A group of 15 and 16 year olds from Guatemala shocked the world by winning the Senior League World Series title game.  They are not supposed to play baseball in Guatemala.  And if they do enter a baseball tournament they are supposed to lose 24-0.  Not win the tournament.

Win it they did with a 6-3 victory over a Californai team out of Lemon Grove.  They do play baseball in California.  Lots of it.  Not enough to beat these Guatemala kids.

A Curacao team that won the same tournament in 2002 brought us Jair Jurrjens and Shairon Martis.  Dodgers closer Kenly Jenson played for the 2003 Curacao team.  Phillies teammates Freddy Galvis played for Venezuela in 2006 while Dominic Brown played for Florida in 2004.  Super prospect Jurickson Profar played for the Curacao team in 2008.  So what stars will be joining the major league circuit from this 2012 Guatemala team?  Perhaps pitcher Alejandro Amezquita or slick fielding shortstop Fabian Vizcaino.  Myworld only hopes there were some scouts there to take notice.

You can read the article on their championship here:

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