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Girl Playing Baseball

While sitting at a baseball theme restaraunt in Tokyo, Japan right outside the Yomuiri Giants stadium before a Tiger/Giant game I got an epiphany - wouldn't it be great to have a website solely dedicted to international baseball.  In my search I found a number of  sites that promote Asian or Japanese baseball or provide links to other sites, but there did not seem to be any site other than the Talkin Texan that provided current news on international baseball.  So following my naive sensibilities and not worrying about my lack of technical website capabilities I have endeavored to do that.  Have patience while the secrets of webposting become learned. 
As I got started the realization hit that this project was a lot bigger than my little epiphany.  Reality and concepts sometimes don't make good partners.  There is so much history and there are so many events that are going on internationally in baseball, that it would be difficult for one person to keep up with all that is happening.  So rather than become an expert on every country I thought it would be easier to provide links to those sites that do a good job of promoting baseball in their country.  Unfortunately, not all those sites are in Englsih, but what a way to learn another language.  My goal would be to provide pertinent input on events that would be deemed significant.
So whether you are at a game in the Dominican Republic, enjoying the Licey cheerleaders as they dance each half inning on top of the home and visiting team's dugout, or listening to the crowds chant their cheers in the outfield bleacher seats at a Japanese or Taiwanese baseball game, you will always have a place to go to learn about baseball news from around the world.  
And if you are curious about those Licey cheerleaders here is a link.  Put the ingredients of a margarita on their derriere, watch them do the merengue for  the half inning break and when it is all done you have a pretty well shaken margarita.  Shaken but not stirred.
If there are other sites out there that do a good job of promoting baseball see my contact section and email me the link.  I also appreciate any comments you might have for the improvement of this site.  I do not profess to have the sophistication of putting a website together yet, but with a little practice I hope to get better.  
Also, if you wish to share any news about a baseball event in your country please let me know.  I will be more than happy to promote your event.  This site is going to be more focused on the World Cups and the Olympics but the high school championship games in Japan are big for many people.
And as a fun piece, I have included a section called baseball babes.  These are my favorite women that I would love to take to a ballgame.  Keeping score is a tradition I have when attending a ball game, but if any of these women attended a game with me scorekeeping would be difficult.   
Thank you for taking a look at the site and a big welcome to my world of baseball.  I hope it is some of your world as well.