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The following is a calendar of international baseball events from January to the end of December 2018 for your consideration.  Myworld may be at some of these events depending on my schedule.  Hopefully, we'll see you there.    

February 1-7 - Series del Caribe in Mexico 

March 28 -31  National High School Invitational, Cary NC

April 5 - Washington D.C. opening day for game versus the NL East New York Mets

June 16-28 - NCAA College World Series, Omaha, Nebraska

July 15-20 - All Star Festivities, Washington D.C.

August 10-19 - Panama City, Panama, Baseball World Cup Under 15

August 22 -31 - Vierra, Florida, Women's Baseball World Cup

August 16-26  - Little League World Series, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 

October 19-28 - Managua, Nicaragua, Baseball World Cup Under 23